Actually I decided running an award-free blog for many reasons I blogged about
But this award from Summer
is different and I feel honoured. So I am happily break my principles and accept it.

Inner Peace Award

Thank you to Summer in the Netherlands
Klausbernd 🙂


  1. How sweet of you to accept the peace and pay it forward. I thankk you so much.
    Love and Peace to you and all your beloved ones.

    Sweet greetings, Summer

  2. Ooops, I already nominated you before I saw this: I’ve nominated you for two awards! See here for details:
    Namaste _/l\_
    Es tut mir leid!

    • Dear Juliane Victoria,
      never mind! Anyhow I feel very much honoured. But as I wrote above, I decided together with Dina and others that we will run our blogs awardfree.
      Thank you and have a great Sunday 🙂

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  4. Dear Klausbernd,
    I do know that you run an award free blog and that is ok, until this I hadn’t been much on participating myself! But I had a run of medical issues and wanted to thank a few blogs which helped to distract me from my temporary but miserable misery! Good to get a laugh, enjoy a great photograph, a geography or history lesson. Even though I don’t always agree with you on some things, I love reading the blog and enjoy your voice through writing. I understand the Very Inspiring Blogger Award you won’t accept most likely, but how about Siri and Selma, the bookfayries?? They truly make me laugh and I just love them. They make your site ever so much more charming!!

    Anyhow, just so you know someone (me I mean) thought your site inspired them:

    May your holiday be warm and wonderful!! And your 2014 remarkable and happy.

    Til Next Time,

    • Dear Judy,
      I thank very, very much for your kind comment and that you see the Bookfayrieblog as an inspiring one. Great! We love it 🙂
      Well, Siri and Selma accepting a blog award … actually I suppose they would love it but I, the Master himself, must strictly object. You know why? They want more pocket money then as award winning Bookfayries, oh dear …
      And now I will get Siri and Selma and we have will have a look at your blog.
      All the best, a GREAT holiday season


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